Wednesday, 27 August 2008

fancy a quickie ?

welcome back, gentle reader.

yeah, me too is the answer. unfortunately this past week has been the wrong kind ... only sharp exits from tourneys, meh

well, the table finally appeared here ... lol sometimes i wish i hadn't bothered

last sundays game i played my exit hand beautifully ...
i limped in and the sb completes and ... the bb mrC ... raises ...wheeee :)
so i re-raise all-in, damn, should have flat called and pushed the flop, cough cough
anyway mrC uses his time, eventually calls,
my 99 v his AT ... i hit my set on the flop ... w00t ... he hit his straight on the turn, bugger

last nights britBlogger challenge game had not one but two special guests
non other than mr mookie and canada's first lady
as ever my timing was immaculate ... grrrrr
mookie was short, Kat had me covered

they are sb and bb ... time to make a move, a wee steal, dont mind a caller ... b00m

straight into Kats' gawd damned bullitts ....... ooops

during this i was playing some freeroll MillionPoundChallenge, 300 odd runners and only one $500 prize. anyway, got down to two tables, tried to steal while short and ran into JJ, fawk me

oh there was a good ending to last night. playing pl08 cash, lost half a buy-in with the usual nonsense ... A2 no good on high boards ... QQTJ no good on low boards ... yawn
managed to claw it back thru sheer patience and finally finally hitting a few hands ... my roi ?? a mind blowing 5%

btw if there is one tourney we all like to win, its a forum game. took down the ukff stud8 game last friday, i think ??
played quite well, my hands held up, they folded when i had air :) for most of that one i had the pleasure of teaulc at my table, gg sir.


Hairy Gymnast said...

I enjoyed that hand for some reason..


dD said...


better than crackn aces even ?