Thursday, 14 May 2009

The Bridges of Madison County

welcome back gentle reader

well i thought i was on to a winner this week, as early doors i discovered i could view blogger yeah !! from work, hell i could even view the comments and yeah !! i could even post a comment !!
that lasted until this morning when the internet trolls obviously discovered their error, and switched the fucking firewall back on, bollox. ah well, nose back to the fucking grindstone ....

btw did i mention this may come across as a whiny-bitch-post ?

lets start with Brit MP's expenses .... well folks, what the fuck, seriously what the fuck did you expect ?
an ice cube tray, horse manure (the bastards are full of it), jellied eels (puke), a £112 toilet seat (wtf ?), dog food (barf:), tea lights (omfg candles), fluffy dusters .... unfuckingbelievable
doesn't surprise me one bit, actually. i mean, standard issue for a politician is a Teflon Suit and a Masters-Degree-in-How-to-not-answer-the-question-you-have-just-been-asked, so anyone who really believes their MP is there to help them, well, pass me your rose-tinted-fucking-spectacles-please.

now as outrageous as this is, it pales into insignificance when compared to missing
.... the coverage of this poor wee girl was in itself, outrageous .... why ?
apparently over 1000 children go "missing" in Britain every-single-fucking-year .... where is their coverage ????

and of course, there are always those in the lunatic fringe .... personally i blame radio4

heard this on the way home tonight hut 33 .... seriously, take 10 minutes and give it a listen, you will prolly listen to it all, the sketch with the gay royal is too funny !!

oh yes, they had some guy on wittering about a cat curfew .... almost crashed the car at this point ! he wants all us moggy owners to keep 'em inside overnight .... to stop them killing birds .... wtf ? .... for a start, the only thing my moggy's ever bring home during the hours of darkness are mice, you dumb muppet.

more dumb muppets ....
no fucking wonder it was an anonymous phone bid .... sorry girls, but its a shiny rock ffs, dug out of the earth .... and just what the fuck is he going to do with it ? think about it....

and speaking of such .... ok ya dalling, which wall ? .... just as well i am not an art critic.

this wee gem caught my eye, another storm in a d-cup so which party bought them ? .... euro elections coming up ....

and next time you want to complain about next doors dog shitting on yer lawn, spare these poor folks a thought .... (they live in milton keynes after all) dalling, oh dalling, the pool looks a bit yellow ....

then again, maybe i should just lighten the fuck up, sigh

finally, please be very careful next time you mow the lawn ....
what do you mean you didn't see it ?

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