Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Guerre de Cent Ans - bataille de cadsand

welcome back, gentle reader.

since everyone does end of month, thought i'd be an awkward git and do it mid-month :)

if i had got around to it, approx 3 days ago, then this would have been a "he holds him with his glittering eye" post .... i did bust my next $$ barrier and then slipped back under it .... not by much, but enough to put the post on temporary hold !

as well as donking the 1c/2c cash i have dipped my toe back in the tourney cct.

the acornman turbos (2 table no-limit 08) have gone quite well. played about 15, final tabled 12, itm in 6 of the madness, with three 1st places, w00t (lmfao they are $1.50+25c buy-in)

the reason i slipped below the next $100 barrier is due to mtt's ... and not cashing obviously, lol, well i did cash in two. the funnier one was on virgin (boss media, i believe) it was the 10c bankroll builder, oh and it was a re-buy !! anyway, got just in the money, top 20 paid, and i misread the drop down tourney summary, thought it said there were 10 left .... there were 20 in fact, so i pushed from late, with a fair stack, with my mid pair, straight into the bb who woke up with AA .... fcuk, out in 20th for €3 or there abouts ! ah well not bad for a 10c entry and no i did not re-buy at all !

tell you what, the plo8b turbo's are mental. there appears to be loads of nlhe players only too willing to get their chips in with minimal outs, it beggars belief. seriously, some people have no clue. for example ....
i limp early with A245 sooted to the ace. usual 6 players see the flop ! anyway the flop comes down all low with a 3 in there and two of my suit. i make a small bet, everyone ! calls but the guy on the button pots it ! so i min re-raise, all fold except the button who min re-raises, i min-re-raise and so on till all the chips are in the middle. at the very least i was expecting him to show A2xx .... but oh no, all he has are aces ! not a fcuking out in sight ! he has no low, no draws to the straight or flush .... seriously wtf ? by the river i have the nut low and a straight, night-night mr nlhe donk :)

here are the mtt results :)

HORSE....Buy-In: $3.00/$0.30....216 players....Total Prize Pool: $648.00
You finished the tournament in 7th place. A $21.06 award ....
....earned 83.98 tournament leader points....

8-Game........Buy-In: $2.00/$0.20........174 players........Total Prize Pool: $348.00
You finished the tournament in 3rd place. A $39.15 award........
........earned 102.98 tournament leader points........

8-Game........Buy-In: $2.00/$0.20........144 players........Total Prize Pool: $288.00
You finished the tournament in 12th place. A $7.20 award........
........earned 46.84 tournament leader points........

and finally ....

pt pl08b stats :)

1c/2c 29364 hands +$186.10 (pl08b)
2c/5c 12815 hands +$23.26 (pl08b)
5c/10c 295 hands +$0.97 (limit 08b)
10c/20c 525 hands -$3.03 (limit 08b)
10c/25c 190 hands -$4.15 (no limit 08b)
10c/25c 1570 hands +$71.25 (pl08b)
25c/50c 513 hands +$36.35 (limit 08b)

oh, for the record, when i break the next barrier, i am going to step up to the 10c/25c level. not gonna multi-table these, just one table and the rest will be 1c/2c and 2c/5c .... i can tell, you are just drooling at the thought :)

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