Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Dealing the Missing Piece of a Casino Night

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I love a good round of Poker, but one of the most important and enjoyable aspects of the game are the tense situations that get created in the heat of a card playing frenzy. When I play at home, I have everything set up just like at a real casino, but something or some part of the experience always feels missing. For a long while my friends and I were wondering why that undeniably electric atmosphere couldn’t be recreated exactly in any of our four walls. We thought for a while about the reasons. Was it the lack of glitzy lights? The absence of glamorous ladies and gents? Perhaps the music wasn’t right? Nope. The problem was obvious: we needed a slick, skilled and trustworthy dealer.

Hiring a professional croupier makes a big difference to the atmosphere of a game and when we hit upon it, it seemed to be the precisely the missing piece of our Poker puzzle. There’s simply no comparison to wowing your crowd with a straight-faced super speed shuffler. So how
could I find a professional dealer that I could afford to make our weekly game a bit more interesting? Everyone wants to play James Bond once in a while! Wise as always, the internet provided that answer for me in a site called Dial a Dealer.
On Dial a Dealer, Professional card dealers and casino hire
operators list their particular skill set along with useful details like their location and price per hour enabling anyone, from a newbie like me to a professional corporate booker find reliable dealers in their area. Most importantly the site is easy to navigate and has
photos of the dealers and statistics to let you compare them. You can check out which games are a particular dealer’s specialities and book extra services like renting professional gambling equipment or finding larger venues. To make extra sure you are booking the finest people for your game there is a feedback area where you can view the ratings for a particular dealer.
Dealers throughout the world are encouraged to sign up for the free service and they seem to be getting new people everyday from places as far and wide as the US, Canada, the UK, Australia and New Zealand.
It’s not hard to see how big this site will be in the very near future. I remembered to blog about this site because of its rather cool appearance (a very realistic looking gambling table) and the
insightful articles that explain everything from setting up a new game to tipping etiquette and house rules. Alongside the in-depth advice is a blog that is updated regularly with the latest news and views from the world of gambling.
While our game is next week, I do look forward to recreating that delightfully authentic James Bond Casino Royale atmosphere with the professional dealer I hired last night from Everyone has been getting their James Bond suits and cocktail dresses at the ready for the main event !

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