Saturday, 6 June 2009

He holds him with his glittering eye - pt 2

welcome back, gentle reader

well its been 6 months give or take a day or two, since i started this ( subconscious ) jesusFerguson type challenge, all be it i started with some dollars. the real challenge was of course to beat the game and prove to my peers ( real and imagined ) that i could stop being a losing player.

A few days ago, I broke through the $500 barrier .... w00t .... currently on +35 at the start of tonights session.

damned good grinding considering i have stuck 90% of the time to the 1c/2c tables. The odd mtt cash has of course, mostly been given back playing more mtt's. its a shame my mrs does not support my habbit as i feel i could do +ev in mtt land, but when i do stay up to silly o'clock .... 2nd place in the 8-game last week springs to mind .... she still insists on me getting up at silly o'clock .... and i just cant do it !! physically, i just cant do it .... anymore .... ( zagga take note :)

so far i have stuck fairly rigorously to br management, only playing mtt's with mtt winnings. what i propose to do now is open two 1c/2c and two 2c/5c tables which puts $18 in play and allows me to open one 10c/25c putting $33 in play and thus keeping my available roll above the 500 mark .... if i bomb at the bigger table, then its back to the penny tables untill i grind it up to the magical 533 required to play with the big :) boys.

thanks for reading & commenting, wish me luck.


Rosie said...

vwp. I think that sticking to br management is the biggest acheivement.

Go Jesus.

Anonymous said...

How much did you actually start with DD?

Will you be coming to Nottingham for the RTR meetup?

dD said...

started with $55 give or take ....

see you at the meet, Sir