Monday, 22 June 2009

upwardly mobile, almost

welcome back, gentle reader

quite a week at the tables. ( for the impatient amongst you, stars 'roll at $554 )

stepped up a level, sort of :) still playing the 1c/2c and of course the 2c/5c. and yeah, started opening a table or two of 10c/25c.
the first session at 10/25 was an eye opener. obviously i was the new fish at the table .... raises ignored, or getting 5-bet :) any flop i did get into i was simply bullied off it !
lmfao what a wuss. or is it the same for anyone who steps up and is (too) seriously keeping one eye on the bankroll ?
on my first attempt at 10c/25c it went a bit pear shaped. i did not play to many hands and was blinded & bullied down to $12 ($15 buy-in) when i limped in to a pot with A333 .... on a board of A2385 .... the villain shows T554 .... oops, played like a fiddle .... which left me with $7 and i packed it in shortly after that, confidence sagging, and thinking wtf was i in that pot for in the first place. when that sort of thing happens, i am left feeling vaguely embarassed, feeling like a fish, so to speak.

my next crack at the 10c/25c, three nights later was the opposite. my very first hand !! 5 of us limp into the pot, 2 of us go the distance and on a board of 8QJJ7 oh yes, i have JQ .... villain had 9T but his re-raise on the flop only frightened off the other 3 limpers, not bad for a beginner .... a $14 hand .... eventually leaving the table with $26.

next night was one of those nights. i could not hit fuck all, could not get anyone to fold blah blah blah blah .... net result ? dropped $6 .... still painfull for me because that is a full buy-in at the 2c/5c.
and talking of painful .... when you hit the nut low draw and top two on the turn there's no problem with all the money going in .... unfortunately the villain had hit top set on the flop but he had no low draw .... the ace on the river was especially painful since it killed my low draw and rubbing it in, completes the flush draw .... villain had the required two matching suits in his hand .... sigh, a full buy-in bites the dust

dropping so much could really have dented my bankroll, but as "luck" would have it, i was running so hot at the 2c/5c, just about (almost) making up what i was dropping at the bigger tables. i don't feel i was playing particularly badly .... how many players spout that one ?? .... just a matter of time :)

"time" started last night, hopefully it might continue ....

with "only" $12 behind me i picked up A24T suited ace :) and all the money went in on the river, the villain mucked 9AA9 double suited, no less, unfortunately for him the board was J3T48 so my two pairs are enough to see off his pesky aces .... why do people put so much stock on them ? never ceases to amaze me .... oh yeah, did you notice he had no low, not even a draw .... so he loses big time :) $11.90 +$11.85 .... b00m headshot, if i may be so bold.

last night was one of my best, net profit of $17 with almost half of it coming from that one hand. wondering where the rest came from ? glad you asked, heres where :)

at the 1c/2c i picked up amounts of $7.61 & $6.64 any table you sit at and double yer buy-in is a result in my book ! of the others i picked up a dollar here and there plus cents on three others but dropped a buy-in between the remaining two.

makes you wonder though. since i started my "assault" on the 10c/25c .... all of a whopping 3 or 4 days actual play, i have kept the boat afloat with good results at the 2c/5c .... and have been getting crucified at the 1c/2c !!

is it simple psychology ?

am i now playing risk-favourable at the lowest limit or perhaps, concentrating overly on the bigger tables ?

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