Tuesday, 5 January 2010

much ado about nothing aka fannying about

welcome back.

thanks guys, all the very best for 2010 to you all.

as far as poker goes, that's exactly what I've been doing :) i now have a whopping 6 tickets to my name.
lack of sleep and way too much alcohol abuse :) over the festive season has left me somewhat drained. oh and a man size dose of man-flu :(
no way am i playing the cash tables feeling like this ! hopefully come the weekend i will be more rested and might even feel like playing for serious .... pocket money :)

my new years res (:dentevil:) .... less alcohol, less smokes, more sex .... ha ha ha ! the only one left i might achieve is alcohol abuse = no poker .... no alcohol = poker, simples.

oh and sorry for my non-appearance at the britBlogger (i know you all love free chips !) but i have been chat-banned, so what was the point ? hopefully i'll return this coming Sunday .... all things not equalling senility (thanks Foxy:)

oh, one final poker point .... playing a 111 runner turbo top 9 get a ticket .... with 10 left i push with AKo and get called by A2s .... wtf ? he had me out chipped 3-1 .... a fucking 2 on the turn .... and I'm out as bubble-fucking-boy .... now that did piss me off !

so i said, quote " **** *** " unquote .... bastard !!

pleasant dreams.


Littleacornman said...

It's usually the raise button they withdraw from you in Brit Blogger games :-)))

Bethany Hammond said...
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