Wednesday, 27 January 2010

much ado .... aka (more) fannying about

welcome back.

mrO - was a good one. awaiting confirmation of Newcastle dates :)
mrK - 6 hands ? we only counted 4 lol
YP - he is an animal ! pl08b on hold !
Mair - might even get a chance to chat next one ! whatever happened to theRegulators ?
DF - 6 minimum !!

i dont know, but between freerolls ($2k added and $250second chance) and now the wbcoop, i've hardly played a hand of omaha8 on stars, meh. a welcome distraction but, of course, it does fuck all for the bankroll or fpp's !

also been fannying about on purpleLounge .... i did put a small amount on there .... played about 5 tourneys and when i checked, the roll had plummeted to $7 ... wtf ? seriously wtf ?
next time you buy into a tourney, make sure you KNOW what currency the buy-in refers too .... oops :(
so obv i have been buying in to the €1 stt's now .... ground it back up to just over $20, small potatoes i know. but i'm like that, i wanna prove i can make some moola (silly bastard - Ed) lmfao i know, its not worth it playing stt's under $10.

in fact, the only "serious" play i've been doing is on fullTilt. been kind of "grinding" the $1 and $2 pl08b tourneys, one or two tables, whatever fills first. been doing v well .... roll up over the hundred mark .... then i ran into (more like run over by) "rush" .... ha ha why do i not stick to what i am "good" at ? just for the record, i actually booked a $6 profit on "rush" last night before the freeroll donkery began. yes yes at the $10 level before someone makes a smartarse comment.

thats enough bull for one day, I have a freeroll (2-off !) to mentally prepare for !!

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