Sunday, 24 January 2010

not Saturdays with drPauly

welcome back.
the peak district is lovely this time of year .... magnificent views .... (wtf has the Peak District got to do with a live APAT event report ? - Ed).
Saturday morning.
to be fair, mrsdD got back quite sharp, so i shot off to the G-casino in Manchester getting there in time for registration but somehow missing the team photo .... seems the whole fucking team missed it too !
our team was made up of the following fish - Kronsdat , BM , DoV , Snake , Ant, Bully, Stanley with your's truly donking in the rear.
As usual, it was a right good crack ....
Stan & Mair had a rollicking good time .... Stan was pissed and got right good rollicking from Mair ! (didn't help that poor wee Mair was first oot !)
Ant was on the iced water .... still seemed to have a good time .... even though Snake & I blagged a lift off him to the hotel at the end of the night. He even had the decency to find us a "fast food" takeaway .... even though it took them 30mins to "prepare" a kebab, a pizza and a chicken burger !!
Bully had been bullied by her indoors and was another designated driver, nae luck mate, we all sympathize !
the big man Mick, took full advantage of Bully's plight and got wired into the booze !!
Snake was on good form .... 6 fucking pints before i even got there ffs !
Kronsdat, never imagined he was an auld git, like me, lol
top bunch, btw.
i got all my cards during the first two levels, sigh.
AJ 4 times. got paid (small) twice .... lost once to a rivered flush and once to the mighty K4 off .... sigh. had to fold 88 and 99 pre to heavy action. made a "hero" fold with KK on an A-high flop ffs. i dropped to 5k and then Mair , gawd bless her, dropped by an says "i'm doubling up the peeps i chat with" .... that very hand and i double ! wtf ? scaree !! no idea wtf i had but it worked :) and that, as they say, is all she wrote ! well, i was at table 2 seat 7 ....
finally moved to table 14 seat 7 .... Kronsdat was there .... well fuck me, he plays tighter than i do !!!! he finished 12th lol well played sir, well played !
so blinds 300-600 and with 6k its my small blind, utg calls ?? all fold to me .... i did ask if he flatted .... and shoved .... the fucker called me with J9 (might have been KJ, sigh) .... i had AQ .... flop .... JJx .... nh gg fu !!
i didn't say that of course, but grrrr !!
so that was it pokerwise.
after that i just had a few, watched the action .... and refused to go out on the lash with DoV and noCash .... fucking decision of the weekend !
DoV failed to materialise at the hotel .... at all !! and noCash .... well, he wakes up, in his hotel lobby in the morning, with no fucking shoes on !! and no fucking idea wtf happened the night before ! well played guys, well played !
next morning, blagged a lift back to the casino to pick up the car. its 11am and play dont resume till 14.30 so time to bugger off home, as Ant and Snake were doing. Liked to have stayed, but all that hanging about .... would have ended in getting a "few" beers .... decided to quit while ahead lol.
so i though it'd be a good idea to let the satnav take me home via the "shortest route" .... dont do it folks ! took me through the Peak District .... but as you can see, it was a little foggy. sigh.
all in all, another ace meet. cant wait for the next one.
cmon zagga get the well soon !!


Mr Origami said...

Sounded good, need to try and make the next one. You going to go to Newcastle in May?

_Kronsdat said...

Great to meet you mate.

Tight? Me? Oh yes :-) When I got home (2.30 in the morning), the wife asked my how I got on and I told her I played 6 hands all day!! (I won 5 of them though and would have won the 6th if the flush chasing bar steward I had denied odds to hadn't hit on the river...sigh).

Really enjoyed the craic and am waiting to see what I can get to when the 2010 schedule is published.

Anonymous said...

LOL at snake being on his 6th pint when you met up. He's a fucking animal.

How's the PLO8 going for you?

MAIR said...

Was wonderful to see you darlin, sure miss our chats n late nite poker :)

Great write up :) and I do have the magic touch don't I LOL.

Hope to see you again soon and not as long next time


Donkey Face said...

Do you boys play Poker with 6 pints in you?

If I did that I'd be unconscious and leaking from my bladder.

Ant66 said...

How did we miss the team photo?.
Good to see you again mate,great craic!