Tuesday, 1 November 2011

just another wee dilema - pt 1

welcome back.

originally, this entry was going to be about poker .... and alcohol .... bad hair day, so it can wait until tomorrow ....

alarm goes off this morning at quarter to six, I'm on the road just after six. correct, she wouldn't entertain an early morning jump start, pfffft. Journey up to York was better than normal, probably due to the early start, or lack there of, pfffft.

Get to work early. wow ! Lots of jokes about the clocks going back promptly ensued, pfffft. Hate it when my colleagues are in better form than me. So brownie points for being early, err no, the only thing you get from my lot are black marks for being late (do they give a flying fuck how long it takes me to get home on a Friday ? err no. Do I give a flying fuck about being early ....)

Work was actually ok, just enough on my desk to keep under the sweetie wives (management jobsworths) radar. Leave work .... and its dark, fuck !

Anyways, off home and then off to the shops for the weeks provisions. Their card reader is not working so I go find an ATM and take out twenty quid, put it in my pocket, get the shopping done, wait at the till, reach into my pocket for the twenty quid and pull out .... fresh fucking air !

yup, its not there .. so whoever finds my money, have a free beer, coooonts.

Days like this make me frightened to play .... nh, gg, ul, fu ....

pleasant dreams


NoCash said...

deserved imo

Littleacornman said...

Ahh well I found a £20 note beside my car the other day so it's not all bad news....!

dD said...

thanks Dave .... and watch you dont choke on the free beer GM, ya coooont !!