Wednesday, 2 November 2011

just another wee dilema - pt 2

welcome back

might as well get this oot the way .... well done noCash who shipped something or other for 12k, jammy coooont, lol.
part 4/4 of his trip report is by far the best entry imo. and i do like his style re the final table .. quote "(No chops / deals / bubble bursters any anything else equally homosexual)" .... awesome :)

originally, this entry was going to be about poker .... and alcohol .... bad hair day, so it can wait until tomorrow ....

before we start, i noticed a huge increase in cash tables available at microlevel, yup , its another road-to-70-billion promo .... its actually quite difficult to exploit all the passing traffic, most seem to have no clue ! so unless you have the nuts, up & down btw, you are going to get called with an overpair, lol, i kid you not !

i see stars had another update .. always wonder wtf they are all about, so i did a little digging (amazing the things you find on the pokerstars website lmfao)(ok, ok so i'm not actually that impressed with their website. read on, you'll find out why)

special offers .. fair enough, i suppose, but wtf is MTT leaderboard doing on there ??

fawk me, it aint that bleedin obvious, yeesh .... PokerStars Software – New Features

I wish I'd never looked ....
Social Sharing – We are adding the ability to post your hands directly to your Facebook and Twitter ....

Notes Improvements – We have made a number of improvements to how our notes system works .... seems fair, if you use notes, obv.

Sit & Go Lobby Revamp .. uh, ok
Sit Out Next Big Blind and Close Table  .. this was a fucking awesome addition
Apply Active Layout .. uh, ok
Rearrangement of Title bar for Tournament Tables .. uh, ok
 Option not to Steal Focus when Typing in Chat or taking a Note .. thats a relief !
Column Settings .. yay !!

wow, wait a minute. the latest updates on stars website are listed as June 2011, wtf ??

I suppose the latest news will prolly be found HERE

be warned .... this thread started in 2006 .... there are now 841 pages of comments ....

pleasant dreams

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