Monday, 14 November 2011

the quest

welcome back

so far, November has been a horrible poker month. I'm not broke, but if bankroll was soley dependant on volume .. I'd be busto, lol. For the remainder of the month, I'm taking a leaf (not even a whole fucking page !) out of theGrinder's book.
I suppose a quest is a double edge sword .. do you chase the quest via volume .. certainly possible for sit'n'go grinders as they know exactly how many vpp's they earn per game .. do you chase the quest via profit .. arguably the only way to go for cash players.
I'll have to try a little of both. Sort of. Now my quest is pretty simple. Retain Silver for next month. Normally pretty plain sailing if I spread the volume over the month. Obv I haven't so far this month, meh.
So I'll have to aim for 40 vpp's per session (lol !) Obv any profit that goes with it will be more than welcome !
I'd backed off playing because my 'roll had taken a hammering over the last month or so. Finally figured out why, duh. Playing and paying forum pyramid games equates to $20 a week .. real world peanuts, but a lot for a microstakes bankroll, meh. Next time I may not be so greedy and sign up for one or two levels and not all three !!
Finally, hats off to my mate zagga who is playing hyper turbo's .... yer a sic puppy !!

pleasant dreams

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