Wednesday, 22 August 2007

The Royal Mint - pt 1

welcome back, gentle reader.

as ever time marches on, i wanna post this and scan the bloggosphere and check rTr and check emails ... and maybe even play some poker ... ho ho ho.
I promised i'd do a financial check when i got around to it. done it and not sure its all that pretty. I'm sure you guys will tell me if i am doing ok or if i am indeed a fucking donkey and should immediately go take up knitting !
one thing i am unsure about is how to keep a record of my poker cash ? should i do as others do and periodically post my total poker cash or more likely put the totals into sidebars on this here humble blog ? probably the latter, as this will keep me relatively honest ... this is after all more for me than for you, if i may be so selfish !!

okeley dokely, the hard facts ....

btw did anyone notice, in one of da gamblers screenshots, yours truly is at the table, and the little note thingy is clearly seen against my position !!!
note prolly goes like this ... "he thinks he can play, jesus, what a fcuking FISH" ... oh well, personally, since i'm a glass half full type of guy, i will take it as a huge compliment :))
whatever the damn thing says .... and under no circumstances baby, do i want to know whats in it !!

The Royal Mint - £ fund poker only bank account ( spend this = officially bankrupt :)
Federal Reserve - £ funds in online bank, reserved for the bigger buy-in tourneys
Bank of America - $ funds online in active play
Bank of England - £ funds online in active play

gawd i need a smoke afore i commit this to the record ... brb

ok, i am back, this is what it looks like :

back at the beginning of July I had an active online balance of $1,000 with nothing in my online bank account and about £2,000 in my poker only bank account. but, always a fcuking but, which i have never taken into account before btw, some of my online funds are native £ sterling accounts .... not a short term problem but if the $ strengthens then my online funds will start to drop ... hence the introduction of £ funds online :)) although this adds up to $5k it should be closer to $4200 as i bought electronic goodies to the tune of $800 during the month of july ... ouch !

the latest figures are -

active online $1700
active online £ xxx *** fcuk it, need to check and add it up
bank online £535
offline bank £1,000

ffs !! i am stunned ! thats getting on for $5k ......

just a quick add up and it dont look too pretty. lets update and explain.

active online $1700
correct at the current exchange rate. minus $105 for a big buy-in at bowankers. this win should have been transferred straight back to online bank !! and minus funds which are native £ sterling accounts

bank online £535
should be closer to £800 with all my big buy-in wins. lets see, should be plus £50 from bowankers and plus £120 for the cheque i was sent .... nearly £700 so only a ton down for all the gawd damn headhunter's i entered ... well, i did re-load several times before i won :))

offline bank £1,000
this has dropped because i bought some electronic goodies ( £400 ) and funded my "bank online" to the tune of six hundred for my big buy-in experiment

so overall, i am up $500 ish. woot !!!!! no mean feat for my small stakes game. i will get these figures linked up on the right hand side of the blog and update monthly ... perhaps every other month. I deffo need to do this as my record keeping is truly atrocious and i really want to see how things pan out this year.

this years aim ? break even or show a little profit :))

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Littleacornman said...

Glad you've decided to keep it simple....:-))))))