Thursday, 23 August 2007

rTr league and cup - pt 2

welcome back, gentle reader.

just finished the HU semi final against Mair ...

nice tight game with a lot of poker played running thru the streets.
chipped up to t1700 then back down to almost even and this happened ...

in the small blind and i get dealt 5dJd, i call, mair checks (blinds only 15/30)

*** FLOP *** [Td 3d Jh]
Mair38: bets 120
ResdentEvil: calls 120
*** TURN *** [Td 3d Jh] [9c]
Mair38: bets 120
ResdentEvil: calls 120
***RIVER*** [Td 3d Jh] [9c] [Kc]
Mair38: bets 150
ResdentEvil: folds ..... fairly sure i am beat here ... or a good bluff ??
Mair38 shows [KdJs] (two pair, Kings and Jacks)

whew ! beat ... almost taken to the cleaners !

so its now t1250 v t1750

managed to chip up a little to t1340 v t1660 :)
and then this ...

i am dealt JcJd ... nice
RE raises 30 to 60
Mair38 raises 90 to 160 ...... hmmmm, lets see .....
RE raises 90 to 240
Mair38 calls 90

2dTcAh ........ gawd damn fcuking Ace .......
Mair38 bets 150 ....... nice one ....... doh !
RE folds

ouch !!

down to t1100 v t1900 ...... not looking good .... oh crap
and of course it got worse ... dropped to t995 at one point .....

then i got Kd3d and flopped a K and wouldn't let go to Mairs bets of 150 on the flop and turn and collected a nice pot of 700
in the lead with t1730 v t1270

shortly after, the turning point in the game

i look down to see AQo with blinds 25/50 and raise it to 100 and mair calls
the flop is 964 rainbow ... not really what i wanted to see especially if mair called with Ax and spiked a pair
i bet 200 ... Mair calls
turn is a 7, with two diamonds on the board as well ... gawd, this is getting worse ....
i bet 200 ...... Mair calls ...... i am worried now :(
river is a 7h ... board is paired, flush draw gone but possible straight ....
i bet out 200 .... Mair38 thinks ...fold please ... thinks ... fold please please !! ... thinks ... folds
i collect a t1000 pot ... gawd that was close :)

now t2380 v t620

in the final hand soon after it was t2405 v t595

i pick up Kd5d
Mair38 raise 150 to 200 and i flat call
flop 76T with two diamonds :))
i bet 200 and mair38 calls .... hmmmm ... have you hit a set i wonder ???
turn 5s
i bet 200 and Mair38 calls 195 and is all-in
river 6h

giving me two pairs ... is it enough ....
Mair38 shows AdJc ....

whew !!

excellent game Mair, well played !

and who do i get in the final ... none other than mr cloud :))

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