Tuesday, 18 December 2007

The Last Samurai

welcome back, gentle reader.

well this is supposed to be a short post ... when do i make anything short seeing as i so like the sound of my own voice :)
doing the usual housework on this humble blog and that means updating links.

anyone spot an error, please let me know.

been playing poker as per usual. some nice little scores and as per usual go and blow it in bigger buy-in tournaments. actually quite surprised i have any roll left at all tbh. considering the type of year i am having.
finished off a few of my little colt45 challenges - some with profit some not and one, on the face of it, fairly ludicrous challenge. i'll bore y'all to death with the full results in later posts.

i think i'll wind this here humble blog down ... poker wise ... and see if they'll have me over on ukpokerscene.

i'll keep this blog here for life in general, such as it will be. hmmmm life ... whats it all about eh ?
oh Rosie, you'd be proud. sorted my shit out. not the result i was looking for, more the bookies favouite really. painful, but sorted. no doubt as time passes, i will update my situation. certainly more for me and my sanity !!

bah ! when i started this post i knew where i wanted it to go and now ??

lets finish up.

in the coming weeks, over the "festive" period, if you come across me, please don't be offended if one or other of the following occurs.

I completely ignore all chat.
I completely trash talk the table.

one of two things will be going on.

i will be so wrapped up in my inner turmoil hence silence.
i will be freeway spanking drunk hence the trash talk.

both scenarios are likely to happen as i come to terms with my demons.

so, to those who are having it ... Merry Christmas !

to those miserable cunts (me) who are not having it ... ho fucking ho.


Rosie said...

I am proud!
To quote a oft used cliche. 'Its always darkest before the dawn'.

I hope you feel better soon.

Rosie said...
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Matt said...

Hey Res.

You were on fine form last night mate. Hope you're feeling more with it in the coming days.

We're always there for some donking action and trash talk in the chat room :)

Juice said...

Merry christmas Dudley do right.