Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Something for the Weekend, Sir ?

welcome back, gentle reader.

well its nice to see acorn enjoyed his night out. he got in touch on his return home and "persuaded" me to join him for some pished poker. damn, had his message appeared 10 minutes later i'd have been in bed. :)
played two wee turbo's and did not get in the money in either, my my what a surprise.
ran my KJ into AA and gg me
ran my set of 6's into runner-runner flush ho-hum

then it was onto Kattitude's re-buy donkament ... great fun but way to late. donking along really well in that one, then the clock caught my eye ... fawk me, nearly 4am, and as soon as i saw that it was time to push with the first available hand that came along and would not make me look a complete donk in front of all those well known North American bloggers :)
so AQ duly showed up and i pushed ... straight into AA ... never been so glad, since i was, literally, falling asleep at the keyboard !!

the other hilight of the weekend was of course, britblogger on sunday night. and very nearly a nice highlite until i ran my AK into fucking ... oh sorry that was last week ... now i've mentioned it ...

last week i shoved with AK and got called by ... gawd damn fucking KQ (cogs u donkey !!) ... boom ! rivered, out i go.

this week i shoved with AK ... called by 66 ... bad call in my opinion, what does he think i have ??

anyways, gg me, out in sixth, meh.

which reminds me.
i believe the mighty Surflexus did the walk of shame ?

stop by his place and "remind" him its tradition to give the monkey a home !!


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surflexus said...

Thanks for the reminder. :)
I am working to give the monkey a proper home right now.