Monday, 10 December 2007

Live at the Glasgow Apollo - pt 3

welcome back, gentle reader.

and welcome to monday, where did the weekend go ?

actually had a good one and it goes something like this.

Friday night, teamed up with a few of the regular rTr friday night crew. we donked about in a few games, ok, i donked and they played :)
all good clean fun, the highlight had to be matty taking down a $10 45-man. nice one and very well played mate.
after that i took my weeks winnings on FT and entered a $55 H.O.R.S.E. ... seemed such a good idea at the time ... only to get to the bubble, me and two other shortstacks, who were just trying to fold into the money. unfortunately the blind increase went against me and i was forced to push against the bigstack in the damned hold'em round and he flipped over a big pair ... gg me :(

Saturday night was the live game.

and we had no less than 3 visitors from down south who had flown up just for this game !

first off, huge thanks to theBigChap for hosting the game.

big thanks to the S-man and theCousin our two dedicated drivers.

and thanks to acorn for arranging the game.

now i almost did not make the game. had a little accident with a saw, thinking at the time i'd almost chopped ... sawed ... my fucking fingertip off ! looking at the damage now, i have a nice little perfect horseshoe gash on my middle finger. don't look much, but fawk me did it bleed !! took so long to stop i thought i was off to A&E ...

the guests. finally got to meet JUICE ... theEDGE ... and ROSIE.
always fun to meet people when you have only ever read them ! funnily enough, they were nothing like i imagined. Juice wasn't to much of a surprise as i'd seen his pic on his blog. theEdge & Rosie were nothing like i'd imagined. all in a good way of course :)
very nice to meet u all and hope you enjoyed yourself as much as i did.
we headed off to theBigChaps and after an hour finally arrived. had ourselves a little £5 turbo tourney, no cash for me in that one. Acorn & Juice and theEdge took the honours.
then we moved onto a wee cash game, small stakes keep it friendly. made a small profit of £2.50 in that, so not a complete financial disaster :)
we had an early finish and had to leave at around 1am. with 6 of us heading back to acorns for the boxing ... on tv and not live, i hasten to add.
after the boxing i could not get a taxi, bugger, in the doghouse again !! well it was around 6am ho hum.

hope you guys all enjoyed the night as much as i did, looking forward to the next one already.

sunday night was britblogger ... and the dTd wildcard game.

played well in both games, getting bumped off in the britblogger after reaching the final table, out in 5th or 6th ??
the dTd game was a belter.

10 starters. one by one they all dropped. then there were 3.

me :) and two high rollers ... amatay ! and kenn !
yikes, could not get much tougher and i expected to be bounced in 3rd. hung in there though, determined to give a good account of myself and not get caught making a donk move. amatay finally nailed kenn with his flopped flush holding up against kenn's flopped set !

heads up little-fish-me against big-fish-amatay

we went head-to-head with amatay the big stack. once again i was determined not to donk out.
the blinds were starting to hurt and i did double thru once or twice, but could only get the chip lead cut to 2-1.
thought i played very well and gave a good account of myself in general.

he said " I also had a loooong head ups battle with Double D, gg m8, wp. " ... :))

mair said " the HU match between dD and Amatay was superb, was great to watch. "

and turned out quite a long, long, hard fought battle ...

then i picked up 33 ... i pushed ... he called ... with 55

presto held up, and amatay wins.

gg mrJones, very well played sir.

not to disappointed :( but it would have been nice to nail such a big scalp :)


Juice said...

"Juice wasn't to much of a surprise as i'd seen his pic on his blog"

So you were therefore prepared for meeting my poker playing magnificance in the flesh?

You know i turned down 1st prize in teh sports personality of the year to be with you guys!

p.s good to meet you duds.incidentally what did you have in that 99x board hand?

Amatay said...

Enjoyed the heads up m8. I thought you played pretty good.

Anonymous said...

was a great heads up ! maybe next time ...

oh come on J, you know i had the 9 :)



Acornman said...

Goodtimes indeed dD.Roll on the next home game.Big chap tells me it's at your place! Roll on...

Anonymous said...

lmfao !!

fucking roll on, i did promise though ...



Matt said...

Hi mate.

I've linked your blogg on my, as yet, bannerless Blogg. Hope you'll do the same. Cheers, Matty H