Tuesday, 5 February 2013

but Mommy, I'm frightened

welcome back

looking over last nights session, it seeems that I was the table fish, lol. A truly horrendous evening at the felt, although I should be at least a little thankful that I was not playing mtt's or there would have been no chance of a late late comeback to end the session 50bb's down.
So how do you recover from a trainwreck evening at the penny tables ? Why you go and play way way higher than sense or bankroll dictate !!

Here is the graphic trainwreck, complete with comeback

and how "high" should you play ....

why, obviously you should play 100 times higher than normal ....

I won 3.5bb's which equates too $7 .. yup, I played $1/$2 .... sick puppy, I know.

pleasant dreams

( speaking of dreams, I did see a guy playing the $3/$6 tables whose blog I've been following for a while and every time I read, I think "one day mr K, one day ...." )

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