Thursday, 7 February 2013

the great white whale - pt 2

welcome back

the graph below shows my return to cash as of the first of this month. More or less in response to a chat I had with a person who was asking how much I spent (ie lost) playing poker each month. Don't get me wrong, I lose a small fortune when the MTT demon gets out the fucking bottle -(( The chat went something like this ....

so how much ?
well, I have a £50 allowance if I bust
wow, that's 600 a year
no, no, I'd only use that if I bust
I don't understand
look, I've not spent a penny of my cash on poker for 4 years
so where does the fifty quid go ?
(sighs) hookers and lap dances ....

at this point I get a really weird look (they know I do not live in Vegas)

(sighs) ok, ok, drugs and alcohol
oh right, fair enough
(huge sigh)

pleasant dreams


rubbish said...

Who was you having that convo with, your 10 year old boy?

dD said...

lmfao, insight like that, you should give poker a try !!