Friday, 1 February 2013

Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore. (2)

welcome back

so carrying on from where I left off the other day.

waffles is pretty prolific and guarantees a post every other day. It's the place I check on for my daily dose of madness ! lightning is also a regular poster, although I don't visit his blog often. The sound effects are painfully annoying.

James is already on my blogroll and believe it or not, I'm included on his roll. Mark plan3t Gong was pretty sporadic and has not been about since last November, so who knows if he'll return.
another Mark (same one ? who the fuck knows, lol) another sporadic poster.

Donkey Face really is very sporadic but I have actually met and played poker in a home game with him. How can I ever forget Mr Edge and Mr Juice ....

Short-Stacked Shamus on the other hand pretty much guarantees a post every day. He writes on a wide variety of topics which he pretty much always manages to somehow relate to poker.

Jordans' high on poker reports in once or twice a month whereas hammer player has pretty much given up the ghost.

EvertonYorkie - EY's deleted blog. Amagay dahling - once the darling of the blogosphere (self fucking proclaimed it has to be said, eh ? jonesUcunt , lol) and GrindersWarehouse have also deleted.

Dr Pauly officially retired, pity. Then again, getting wasted and following your inner degen demon for sports gambling is way more fun than writing to keep the sheeple amused !

Now it's pretty much anyones guess if taking the Mik is going to post in any given month and the dear diary guy may or may not still be with us. Kinda hard to tell as his posts are timestamped but not datestamped.

about poker, DOA, delicate shove, river bed, done chasin are all dead and fucking buried. No idea if more Pud still posts at betfair .. t'internet police have barred that one at work, ho-hum.

wolfs head is very uneven but hey, he is from the Land of the Free, lmfao.

Our very own was a Great Gatsby packed it in long long ago and Tripjax is pretty much in the few and far between gang.

Guiness and Poker .. was this Al ? before he went awol ? again, t'internet police have intervened .... as they have with This Is not a .. Poker Blog, grrrr

Klopzi, was Klopzi, dead'n'buried.

I think NoCash aka noShoes has given up (another guy I've played live poker with. The story of No Shoes is fucking hilarious) as has greg is gone.

One guy who has not given up is Rubbish. hi, I'm rubbish You still playing poker, bro ? Again, he is one of the motley crew I've attended live events with .... his opening line when he first met us all "Hi, I'm Rubbish At Poker .. " fucking classic !

Poker News Whispers disnae exist and rossi has a new blog address .. cough cough !!
the Main's domain - dead domain .. wowser, black belt poker b b p going strong.

The living obit - alive and kicking (sic)

Again, true blonde may or may not be.

Thanks Zagga, thats a couple of hours I'll never get back, bastard. I'll quite happily manage your blog .. first hour $5 .. after that is $10/hour -))

If anyone else wants to make use of my blog management skills, let me know, $8/hour seems about right -))

pleasant dreams

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rubbish said...

Just started back in the last week Dave, Will post something up in the next few days.