Saturday, 21 July 2007

Excalibur - pt 1

Welcome back, gentle reader.

oh how we poker players like to punish ourselves. We sign up for mtt's not really paying attention to things that we should ... number of entrants ... payout structure ... et al.
It was the tourney title that caught my eye " Sagan's HORSE Freeroll " .
and I thought fcuk it, lets get some mtt experience ... and its HORSE so I have a rough idea how to play ...
So I signed up noting about 1,700 entrants with twenty mins to start ... and off I went to do a bit of this and that. Now I know a lot of people deride limit games, but if you have an aggressive table, you can soon find your chips dwindling very fast even with the blinds as low as 10/20.

Lets say four raisers preflop ... t80 to see the flop ... raise raise on the flop ... another t80 to see the turn ... raise raise and t160 to see the river ... raise raise and another t160 to showdown .... run into a few of those type of hands and you don't win the showdown and you'll be railing before you know it ... so beware !!

and thats only the hold'em hands ... cost you a lot more at razz & stud !!

twenty minutes later the tourney window pops open ... wheeeeeeeeee !

off we go, and I'm pondering strategy ... try to chip up early ? difficult in limit 'cause you cant bluff much and need the goods ... you get called down with all sorts of shite ... some of the play is truly atrocious !
strategy taken care of ... big hand, be aggressive !

it was at this point the lobby window caught my eye ... wow ! no way ! can't be !

oh yes ... 4,792 entrants plus moi ...... a whopping 24 seats "pay"

ok heres how the play went .... hah !! only kidding ... I'll give you a summary ...
4h 40mins later ... I am safe ... 18th to be precise
and how much did I scoop ?
looks like the jokes on me ... this was a satellite to a $1000 freeroll ... I kid you not

and its a limit hold'em freeroll as well starts 19.00 sunday ... can I last the two hours before the bloggerment kicks off ?


Kenn said...

incredible stuff mate i was watching and you absoluely owned that table - very well played!!

dD said...

thanks kenn !!

nice to know someone thinks I can play :)

btw you did not to bad yourself the other nite !

nice one, keep it cool and the $10 is money in the bank !