Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Spartacus - pt 1

welcome back, gentle reader

straight to it ... in a minute you'll find ouy why "straight" is painful. I sincerely hope posts with this title are few and far between.

played an mtt last nite, so close to the money we can all smell it.

I am in the bb 1k/2k blinds got about t15,000

all fold to the button who pops it for 5k ... got him covered for 5k

I have ThJh ... sorry, but I gotta call, if he has better he woulda pushed

the flop Qs ... 8h ... 9h ... my my the nut straight wheeeeee ... and outs to the flush

and I check ?? he thinks and pushes ... he he he ... for his last 6k

and I smile and call :)

now, what does he have ?

what can the turn or river bring to beat me ?

turns out he has 1 motherfukking out ... can you guess ? well, can you ?

I certainly could not ...

the turn is a ...... 5 of hearts

still guessing ?

I was still scratching my head when the chips went his way ...

he, of course, had 6h7h

the ultimate bad beat motherfukker, irrespective how I played the damn hand


BurnleyMik said...


Thats very very sick mate....

Kenn said...

man thats fooking reeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaal nasty mate!!!

that deserves a special mention somewhere!