Friday, 13 July 2007

phoenix iv

welcome back

I just could not resist.

My second holdem blackjack tourney and i won. wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :))

the guy i knocked out in 3rd place ....

"u tw at"
"suck my k n o b"

i replied

"not today honey :)"

why the girlie response ? i play under a girlie name at littlewoods ......

at last ! success at party .......


Kenn said...

nice one mate - didnt know u fancied the old 21's!!!

think i might have to make the move over to your site, although i need to stay away from the BJ

cant read the tourney result on PP whats it for?

dD said...

hi kenn

yeah, the old 21 is great fun, had no idea ! exactly what it was so i just joined in and played it by ear !!
result baby !! ($9 is $9 he he he)

btw i was short stack t2000 with blinds 300.600.600-3000 so to hang in there and eventually win ... :))

th PP was a 10 man stt $11 buy-in :) he he he $50 to me !

really chuffed as i usually play the $3 ... onwards and upwards !