Sunday, 22 July 2007

Excalibur - pt 2

welcome back, gentle reader.

perhaps I should stick to playing freerolls ?

the mega HORSE tourney (nearly 5,000 runners) I placed in was a satellite to a $1000 freeroll limit hold'em

2598 runners plus moi :))

three and a half hours later I bust out in 140th place

the top 549 places pay .........

I won ... $1.30 ... no, really, I did

where as a paying tourney .... on stars of course ...

I call an all-in with AA ...

stars see's fit to throw out 4 clubs ... the all-in guy has a club ... ho hum

I should have folded, of course :)


MAIR said...

I feel your pain, similar situation on Saturday at Regional Poker Final I qualified for in Edinburgh. Sitting with Pocket Aces on the BB, ya beaut, raise 3 x BB, guy re-raises I put him all in.

Flop 2c Jh 4h, Turn Ah, River...8h

What did he have QcQh

I was absolutely stunned, bloody dealer! heehee

GL at the tables hun.


Kenn said...

unlucky mate!!

man you love those big fields dont u!!

Anonymous said...

hi guys

a quick amendment before the dice rolls in ... the AA thingy, my opponent had two suited cards ... lol !! so 'stars only saw fit to throw out three of his suit ... last one on the river of course !!



The Cloud said...

Who the devil would push with JQs??

Although I'm sure whoever did it had an M of around 4 and was desperate and was first into the pot...
....but then again maybe he was just a fish or a cloud (better roll the dice to find out which one).

UL mate.
I guess I owe you a few chips...

BurnleyMik said...

Aces are not a good hand for you are the mo. dD!!!