Wednesday, 18 July 2007

LIVE at the Glasgow Apollo - pt 1

welcome back, gentle reader.

can you tell I'm nervous ? can you ? well can you ? can you ?

just a little, methinks.

chatted to acorn ... ok ok so he chatted amicably, I babbled relentlessly ....

can you tell I'm nervous ? can you ? well can you ? can you ?

and what did we chat about ? live poker baby ! live poker.

yer man and I are off to play tonight, in Glasgow, for hopefully, some low stakes STT action. Acorn reckons its five quid entry, single tablers, start when there are 10 interested people. Just thinking ahead to how it will go and I got the shakes ffs ! Hope they are gone by tonight ... yikes ! 3 hrs and I will meet Acorn (for the first time) and all for a 7 o'clock start ... did I mention I was starting to get nervous ?

considering all that's going down in his neck of the woods, he seems quite upbeat and sounds like a nice bloke and I wish him all the very best for the future.
another one of our compadres seems to have thrown in the towel ... da gambler
has bust :( and although I've never met or spoke to him he seems like a genuine nice guy ... don't slow roll him if playing live ... oh, and don't spill his beer either ... he he he
but I sincerely wish him all the best for the future as well.
I really think his "enforced" time away from the felt will do him good. Don't rush to come back too quickly big guy, all the fish will still be here ... and our little blogging community will still be here as well, waiting eagerly for your return :)

btw lmfao @ amatay ... he has a stalker ... and as he commented on someone's blog "this cunt aint my cousin" ... walk softly and carry a big stick ...

for some reason Madonna's "like a virgin" is rattling about in my head ...


Kirby the German Roofer said...

Did I even ask you to link me you old scottish cunt?! No cos I only asked people with blogs doing a bit of traffic and worth reading and I doubt anyone wants to read about a washed up scottish prick like yourself.

Did I mention mind,

Hi, im amatays cousin, any chance we could do a link swap.


Littleacornman said...

I see you have a fan Dudley....

Great to meet up with you tonight mate.You're a top bloke and I hope you went on to take down the tourney after making such a fine comeback when that fish sucked out with his a4 :-)

exile57 said...

Hope you managed to battle the nerves and have a good night!

Kenn said...

hey mate how did it go???? did you skin those honkies???

guess what you aint got rid of me yet - im still hanging in there baby!!!

Kenn said...


i posted a pic!!! get in!!!

yeah baby - small things and all!!

dD said...

guys and .. top tottie !!

thanks for the kind comments, appreciated.

see next post for the full report.



dD said...


I see you are still with us kenn baby !

Kenn said...

im back double D, come on wheres that report

PS can i have a letter of reference from the bank that you good for that $10!!!

Kenn said...