Tuesday, 4 September 2007

"and now for something completely different" - pt 1

welcome back, gentle reader.

lets get this show on the road. an uber post, sort of, with a little bit of artistic licence, since everyone else has done the writing *) i mean, come on, where would i find the time to write all this ??

lmfao mate ! the title says it all *) click on over there for a bit of rambling, long winded style.
by Acorn

now when i read this one, i thought, yeah, you might be right, good point. then i read the comments and rosie makes a very good point indeed. think i vote for her point of view in the long run.
by Acorn

so you all thought it was safe to google "hairy gymnast" ... think again. its not safe to go back in the water...
by theCloud

and this is what happens when ... you are a footie fan ... or is it just leeds supporters ...
by cell1919

an "old" face re-appears ... strangely comforting when this happens, oh and he played the bloggerment
by TanOrpheous

and a rare post here. dont worry, i appreciate your humour mate *)
by theEdge

now i like the sound of this little challenge. good luck, keep us updated
by mrSaban

and this makes my losses look small. need to pick it up again mate, good luck.
by 20kmission

more from the mailbag tomorrow, maybe.

1 comment:

Rosie said...

Ok, you wanted replies :0)

a) I usually AM right
b) Edgie wasn't joking. I promise