Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Colt Peacemaker .45 - pt 1a

welcome back, gentle reader.

cannot believe i have let it slip so badly and not posted for a week !

lets get the poker out the way first.

been running this week with the $1 45 man mtt donkaments at FT. think i've managed about ten or so and it aint pretty. a combination of bad play and suck out city !
for the record, i have only managed one in the money and that was second place.
i'm sure some of you have experience of these things, but as a prime example, here is a quite unbelievable 5-way all-in ...... ( and no, i resisted calling before you ask ) ...... this is early doors, the five combatants all have 1500 ish chips !! so the winner rockets into the lead with t7,500 ......

AA v 88 v J3s v KTs v 99 ...... so who won ?

answer forthcoming later, i am off for some dinner :))

...... well the guy with J3 obviously ... ended up with the str8, involving the 3 mind and not his J :)

and a quick resume of the beats i have taken
my A-rag v T3 ...... he rivered the 3
my AKs v ATo ...... a ten on the flop, is that a beat or just a coinflip ? ( felt bad ! )
my KQ v AJ ...... a Q on the flop and in went the chips, the ace arrived on the river
my AA v K8o .... wtf ?? ...... K on the flop and the 8 on the turn
and of course my AJ v 66 ...... flop 45J ... turn 7 ... gawd damn 3 on the river

lol, checked a few HH and there are a fair few more beats ! but i wont bore you any longer.

played 9 so far (36 to go) best place 2nd :) worst place 29th :(

poker players may stop here. the rest of this is a general ramble.

not exactly a standout month, real life has thrown a few my way ...

the exhaust snapped on my car :( took it to National, guy puts it up on the ramp, shows me where the break is ... on the engine side of the joint ... fcuk ... so i need a new rear section and mid section ....... £178 ... fcuk !

H says, the washing machine drum not turning. easy, the belt has fallen off. and it had. got the bugger back on ... test wash and spin .... machine fills with water, drum turns, result ! ....... machine fills with more water ?? but hey, the drum still turns ... machine fills with more water ... oh fcuk .... and finally fills with more water, up past door level !! bottle went and i turned it off, set it to drain, which thankfully it did ... and the belt fell off, again :(
looked like the main board was gubbed. looked up the price, getting on for £100 ... plus someone to fit ... and if it was not the main board ? bugger that, new machine:( please ....... £230 ... fcuk !
so no washing for a week ... 3 kids ??? ... hard to describe how much all that washing looks like ... chinese laundry, anyone ??

did i mention my eldest slashed his knee ? while helping daddy take apart some metal shelving from the garage. right across his kneecap ... ouch !! 2 hours in A&E is a long time to amuse a 5 year old ! the nice doc cleaned it and glued it and no tetanus ? anti-tetanus ? jag required, thank the stars.
positive i mentioned that before.

had to laugh, tho it nearly killed me, and admit defeat ! need to remove 16 concrete paving slabs from the drive and replace with decorative chippings ( help sell the house, apparently ). turned out way to much physical labour for this unfit git ... any idea how much a 3' x 2' concrete paving slab weighs ? .... managed four of 'em, gotta break 'em up to get them in the car and off to the dump ... gave up for fear of doing myself srious harm ! now need to look in the local rag for some "help"

enough is enough, roll on october ! a live game, somewhere, with ra trout !!

any and all welcome ... to Acorn's that is :))

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MAIR said...

I feel your pain hun. Stan (the total plonker that he is) hooked up my washer/dryer ALL WRONG, he hadnt put the u-bend thingy at the top and guess what, instead of draining out, everything went back IN to the washing machine, everything from dishwashing water the LOT. Thing went BOOM and now it dont work. Pump gone or someit so new washing machine for me, i would swear but im a lady.

Poor wee chap cuttin his knee, bet once he felt better the trip to the hospital was a huge exciting thing for him huh :) glad hes ok now.