Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Colt Peacemaker .45 - pt 1b

welcome back, gentle reader.

thanks mair for your comments. not "really" funny, but you gotta laugh, all that water going back in the damned thing ... and "boom" ... ha ha ha ... stan u plonker !!
re the A&E, now u mention it, Scott did seem to enjoy the attention and of course limping soooo badly round the room every 10 mins :)

and last nights poker. stuck with the $1 45-man tourneys on FT, managed a total of fifteen of the damned things now, playing a whopping six ! of the buggers last night ... managed to blag another 2nd :) woot !!

as you may have guessed, i am going to play forty five in total and see whats what.

last nights highlight happened when we got it down to six handed, i was the shorty, chip leader was 2-1 up on his nearest rival, he was 8-1 up on me ffs !!
blinds increase to 500-1000 and chip leader raises to 3k from UTG ... not sure why, but i immediately sussed this was the way he was going to play from here on in ... and he did ... every single hand raise !!
he of course raises my bb and with A-rag i call all-in ... he had 64o or crap like it ... i spiked an Ace to stay in.
i am the only one to call him, so next hand he raises, and i type

"guys, I dont mind second place :)"

on my next bb he raise and with 8 fcuking high i fold. i fold my sb as well :( and then on the button i see QQ ... woot ! please raise please raise ... he does, i push all-in and he calls with a gawd damn A-rag ... i spike the Q and double up to 8k ... and 2nd place ... well, i did tell the idiots :)
another orbit and we are heads up. a short contest, he still raised every hand and was 7-1 leader. managed to get up to 16k, he was just over 3-1 at this point, and re-raised with AJ and he calls with KQ ?? he had a K and spiked one on the flop, fair enough I suppose.

hopefully another exciting !! post tomorrow *)


exile57 said...

It's a shame you didn't manage to beat him again. I hate big stack bullies. I was once unfortunate to come up against one 6 handed and he completely killed the game. SO I thought what the hell and push back, as it was I was now fortunate to suck out on him numerous times and win the whole thing.

To his credit, he said I deserved the win, and had he not been such a prick he would probably have won. He was right, cos I'd never have played the cards I did, so justice was done. Better luck next time hun :)

BurnleyMik said...

Big stack bullying is what it's all about, but calling off with 6 high is just daft!! lol

Nice work dD!

Amatay said...

got u linked m8 with a nice Scottish flag