Wednesday, 5 September 2007

" Down on Mission Street " - pt 1

welcome back, gentle reader.

now here are two ways to play a hand !

imho, the hero plays it superbly, the villain ... well, how to fcuk up a powerhouse hand
((the twin goddesses of poker are my favourite hand))

here's the synopsis, with the link to the full thoughts and actions of the hero afterwards

***hole cards***
hero - [ KQ ] suited (in the bb)
two limpers
villain raises 4bb
hero calls
two limpers call

***flop*** [ KQ7 ]

hero checks ......... brave but rash, no idea where u are the hand
two limpers check ...
villain ... checks ... dumbo's biggest mistake ... wtf ? ... seriously, wtf ??

***turn*** [KQ7] [K]

hero bets 3bb ............ a little fishing
two limpers fold
villain raises to 9bb ... we have a bite ( did he even think about KK ... )
hero calls

***river*** [KQ7] [K] [2]

hero ... checks ...... give 'em enough rope
villain bets half his remaining stack ...... did u collapse laughing at this ?
hero re-raises all-in
villain calls all-in

hero shows [KQ] full house Kings and Queens
villain shows[QQ] full house Queens and Kings

hero WINS ... foxtrot oscar villain.

full thoughts of the hero, right here - by daddy


Anonymous said...

why is the reader always gentle?
I would have thought ferral would be more apt.

BurnleyMik said...


I am not totally sure if you are being straight forward here or ripping the piss!!

Far as I can see the Villains play ain't that bad, just that it stinks of a monster after he checks it back to you on the flop even though he raised pre. Apart from that he was pretty unlucky!