Tuesday, 11 September 2007

True Romance - pt 1

welcome back, gentle reader.

this is a poker related post ... mostly.

lmfao @ cell1919 comment on previous post
"Proof that poker's all luck." ....... *) ....... you forgot to mention its also rigged ...

and a little story, from tonight.
my mate who "emigrated" to deepest darkest Sussex and a job in the big smoke ...
he phones and says his internet is not working ... what lights are on, on your router i ask ... yada yada yada ... 47 mins later and no resolution to his busted connection and he says - before i phone tech support, i'll just plug the phone into the socket the router is plugged into, just to check the socket works ... wtf ??
turns out the phone he is talking on was plugged into another socket, obvious huh ? and the socket the computer is plugged into ... no dial tone ... ho hum, saved me two bucks in entry fees, i suppose.

and so to the poker ...

for the past few ... ( 4 or 6 ) ... months, i have been a truly truly recreational player.
and that type of player, as we all know, is a losing player simply because he does not really care whether he wins and more importantly loses.
simply writing off any losses with a "foxtrot oscar" in the chat box.
well, his loss was due to a horrendous bad beat, surely ?

lmfao ... not ...

i decided i had better check the old finances to see how bad the rot really was.
the online $ accounts are not as bad as expected, about $40 down since june. and thats only because i won a $2 mtt to the tune of $200 on virgin the other month and have not played there since.
there is also a false economy at work here, since i have been loading some of my accounts with 40 here 50 there, directly from neteller, to buy into larger buy-in mtt's ... ooops !
the online £ accounts are way up since june ( two hh mtt wins ) but way down since july ( no hh mtt wins ).
and no, i have not chequed my neteller balance.
that can wait 'till late tonight, when all the dD household are safely tucked up in bed ... neteller will have a big fcuking hole in it and i don't want the boys to see daddy cry. ho hum.

all change please ! and i'd like my change, plus interest, back where it belongs, thank-you-very-fcuking-much.

i know i can play a bit.

you dont win two britbloggers, a rTr league game, a rTrPOWS bracelet, two headhunter mtts, a 4,000 plus field HORSE mtt or even a two dime 200 strong field by being a complete donkey ... do you ?

and you cannot be a real donkey until you push the milkMan off his hand by raising pre-flop, bet the flop, bet the turn, bet the river ... he folds ... you show him 27o theHammer ...... snigger snigger

so unless you think i am flat-out-fucking-lying, you know i can play some decent poker, if required.

"isn't it ironic" sang alannis ... that he wrote a bankroll management post the other day and i thought ... wow !
i truly truly need some of that !
thank you burnleyMik *)

a conservative variation on his theme, this is how i'll try and work it.

stt - 50 buy-ins ....... cash - 30 buy-ins ....... mtt - 5% of 'roll

the hard part is having the discipline to stick to these simple rules.
and what if i bust at a particular site ?
game over for the month if that happens. at the moment i am only prepared to play with fifty quid a month :)
i think i'll leave the £ on crypto and play the headhunters the $5 ones and stay the fuck away from the $20 plus mtts. i have a few hundred at party and at virgin so we'll see how that goes.
gonna make up FT and 'stars to $100 and apply full management to all these sites. starting tonight.

Q where have you seen HORSE being played ? (stars and full tilt are the ones i know of)

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BurnleyMik said...

Firstly, glad the BR management came in useful mate. Good Luck with it and secondly....

You rotten bastard!!! My twitch has returned with a vengance now!!!!!!

p.s. You are absolutely not a donkey, I have played you many, many times and you are one of the trickiest and toughest players to figure out what you are holding!