Friday, 14 September 2007

True Romance - pt 2

welcome back, gentle reader.

been have a little think ... groan ... about the way forward for my wayward online poker career :) more or less decided that i will withdraw all the smaller funded accounts at various sites. then load up my three main accounts at stars, FT and party.
at least then, using miks br management i won't have to grind away in $1 tourneys, well, thats the theory.

damn, means i will have to fill out all the crap that bodog, sorry, newBodog, require for me to withdraw my $180 from there.

and speaking of problem sites, anyone having trouble with party ?
my problem is actually trying to get the gawd damn software to run !! tried to fire it up several times this week and every time it launches ok, click the log-in button and it locks up !!
uninstalled and reinstalled several times, all to no avail ... i have $300 on there ffs ! one more try tonight, then i suppose it will be time to phone them :(

played a few stt's wednesday and thursday, got absolutely no joy at all ... whats new ...

almost forgot, and dont ask why, but a 20k guaranteed caught my eye on wednesday night.

i think there were 155 runners

... but ... but ... oh-my-fcuking-god-why-did-i-enter ... it was a $100 + $9 buy-in .....

man, what a buzz ! did ok, won $104 so only down five bucks :))


Cell 1919 said...

You spent $100 in one game? Gulp...

Well done for getting your money back though :)

dD said...

now that u mention it, yikes !

purposefully put it at the bottom of the post, hoping no one would notice ......