Monday, 19 November 2007

hook. line. sinker.

welcome back, gentle reader.

and just like a glesga bus .......

i have been tagged, twice no less, i think ... then again maybe i am just conceipted and actually crave some of that attention that
cell1919 was on about *)

1a a friend gave me a shed load of poker books
1b i have not read a single book

2a my biggest wins have been in $55 tourneys
2b my biggest losses have been in $5 tourneys

3a sharkscope says I am in profit and on supertilt
3b i think sharkscope is being very ... generous

4a i am not half as good at the game as i think i am
4b i am not half as bad as the rest of the table thinks i am

5a i really liked mysterious ways, due south & northern exposure
5b if i come into money, i am off to Canada

6a i have never ever used any aids or tools while playing poker
6b my Christmas presents this year will be pokerTracker, paHUD and a years sharkScope

7a I have a poker New Year resolution
7b No !! I will post it closer to the time

late to the party as usual, so luckily you have all been tagged. anyone not tagged, who wishes to be, drop me a line and i will duly oblige and tag you.

1 comment:

Gankzilla said...

I refused to read poker books until very recently, as my game has been going up and down like a yoyo. Well worth it, but I can't take them anywhere in public else the people on the glasgae busses laugh at me.

What books did your friend lend you?