Saturday, 24 November 2007

i fcukking hate nlhe - pt 2

welcome back, gentle reader.

HORSE ing about last nite with a few of the rTr guys and girls. to be honest i don't think i was good company as i was concentrating a little too hard on the following game. certainly my play with the rTr crew was more a$$ than HORSE, enough said.

PokerStars Tournament #67348453, HORSE
Buy-In: $30.00/$3.00
88 players
Total Prize Pool: $2640.00
Tournament started - 2007/11/23 - 15:45:00 (ET)

Dear ResdentEvil,You finished the tournament in 6th place.

A $184.80 award has been credited to your Real Money account.

You earned 95.00 tournament leader points in this tournament.

my biggest and best HORSE yet ... a Clydesdale by any other name *)


Cell 1919 said...

Nice :)))

You were due a fooking bad beat like tonight by the looks of it.

Just knew the queen was coming out on the river...

BurnleyMik said...

You love NLHE!!! and you know it!!

My new blog is up fella and I would appreciate the link-up.