Wednesday, 21 November 2007

The Six Million Dollar Man - pt3

welcome back, gentle reader.

oh the joys of do-it-yourself pc repair. yawn.

good stuff, the aTi Catalyst Control Center installed, fully, works a treat. now back to dual monitor working.

and thats about all i have on the system at the moment.

the question is, how much "stuff" do i re-install ?

you see, to get round hdd failure i am investing in a RAID setup *)
how the hell can i afford that ? simple, buy a cheap pci raid controller, hook it up to two disks and off we go ... i am too fucking lazy to be arsed backing things up to cd/dvd whatever.
so even if it is the cheapest RAID array on gawds green earth, who cares. the card i bought will be here in ... oh, super saver delivery withstanding, probably next week, week after that ??

but it gets rave reviews and is simple to use ... alledgedly ... i guess we will soon find out. btw, anyone got a spare 160 or even a 120 gB hdd they do not need ? come on, my need is greater than yours :)

so my big 250 hdd has been reduced to 35 gB ... how long before the remaining 35 goes bang ? bottom line ? i need another hdd to mirror the one i am currently using which is a 120 gB.

:)(:lets gambol ... will start installing stuff and let the RAID card build the mirror *) (*


weegem said...

ul dD. Keep your gentle reader informed of your RAID progress.

I had a hardware failure of a 500GB RAID 1 USB drive from Freecom recently. It was only then that I realised I had overlooked something quite important, namely that the drive was a sealed unit and I couldn't just bung in a replacement drive and rebuild the mirror. Oh no. I had to sent it back to Freecom and they won't gaurantee that they'll be able to repair it without erasing all the data. I'm still waiting for it to be returned.

Also check out the online backup services. I use mozy (free and paid) on my machines at home.


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