Tuesday, 13 November 2007

The Towering Inferno

welcome back, gentle reader.

*** a sense of humour is required to read this ***

what the fuck is going on ? i turn my back for a week and it all goes to shit. whine whine whine ... this is a post for all you moaning motherfuckers who seem to think you you got it bad. btw, when its really going tits up, are you not supposed to step down a level or two ??
earlier this year my washing machine packed up, you try going for a week or two without one, especially when your other half likes to do two washes a day ...
the seal on the drive shaft of my car is on its way out ... this is really fucking annoying because i get free rail travel but had to buy a second car when my work relocated to a non railway friendly location, the cunts could have told me this before i signed up ...
the fridge decided last night that it had also had enough ....
my youngest had her year 1 jags last week and since then decided that sleeping through the night was a bad idea. i am fucking knackered and so is she. the mrs is also a little tired and cranky ...
the family car has an intermittent fuel injection fault and when in fault-mode refuses to go any faster than 20mph ... oh and the tax is due at the end of the fucking month
so for all you whiny cunts who think you got it bad, dream on.
btw i felt like shit all day Saturday so had an early night and so no poker ... did get to poker Sunday morning ... docs for the morning after pill next morning ... oops.

real poker, last night

limp to see the flop with Kx ... flop is xKK ... looking to check-raise but all check behind, same on the turn
i bet out on the river and get raised, now committed i re-raise ... you stupid cunt, he has rivered the nut flush, the stupid cunt is of course me !

with all this negativity about, is it any wonder i have not done my tag-list.

lmfao ! who gives a flying fuck ! she left me a comment :) welcome back babes, nice to know you are still about :))


Cell 1919 said...

But things are generally OK, yes? ;)

dD said...

lmfao mate, u cheekyy cunt !

but yes, things are generally ok :)

but wtf ?

mik deleted ? and cloud, deleted all his blogs ?

are we under hack-attack-blog-deleters ??



BurnleyMik said...


Glad to hear all is well!! LOL

My blog is in temporary shutdown mode!! LMFAO.


keep the posts coming Dudley!

Cell 1919 said...

but wtf ?

mik deleted ? and cloud, deleted all his blogs ?

are we under hack-attack-blog-deleters ??

Blatant plug here for my latest post ;)