Tuesday, 20 November 2007

The Six Million Dollar Man - pt1 & pt2

welcome back, gentle reader.

as you know my pc went the way of the dodo last night. this is an ongoing post of my attempts to rebuild the fucker, so if you are looking for poker or anything remotely not bad beat ... avoid these posts like the plague.

***make backups now people***

long story short, seems my primary disk is fukked !! it is (was) 250 gig ... so from the top ...

turned the pc on and watched it go into and endless boot-get-to-windows-flash-screen-reboot cycle. not good.
rip out the primary drive after fannying about getting the case covers off - one side was jammed - try and boot from second drive ... get error message telling me its a slave ... oh for fuck sake ... rip that out, move jumper making it a master disk, oh and move jumper on primary disk to make it a slave while i am at it ... it wont boot of course, no windows system on it ... now where is that windows cd ...

locate windows cd, install on new primary drive ... the cunt went into the same boot cycle as before, fuck ...
tryed a repair install, no joy. another new install, no joy. delete partition and new install ... finally, i have something that finally fucking works.
connect the damaged drive ... windows sees a 35 gig, get this, unformatted !! drive ... do i have backups ?? like fuck, cunt ! you cunt ! what a fucking cunt !

can you feel my frustration building ??

sometimes i wish i was non techie ... then i could just dump the fucking thing at pcworld ...

so that was last night, somewhere approaching 2am ffs.

******* part2 *******

lets see how it goes tonight.

so i have a working system with jack shit on it. internet works, straight to avg for antivirus and antirootkit (??) no probs there, download, install, update, scan all ok :)
next ... wtf ? little yellow shield appears in taskbar ... windows updates of course ... gawd !! 81 of the fucking things ... eventuall they are done ...
next, i want to sort my dual monitor set-up. tell windows to extend desktop to second monitor ... it does ... and makes the second monitor my primary monitor ... did i tell it to do that ? no i fucking did not ... can i get it to make no1 monitor ie lhs monitor, the primary monitor ... can i fuck ... this is getting fucking ridiculous ...

i have to unplug monitor two and reboot to regain control ... bill, your guys are too fucking smart for their own good.

next stop ati for the latest Catylyst 6.11 software ... 50 odd mB, no probs. download and install ... except it wont install all components because my .net Framework is only v1 .... aaaaaarrrgghhhhhhhhhh

off to bill's people and find .net Framework is up to v3.5 ... whatever ... download the fucking thing and tell it to install ... it does ... except it it is now telling me to shut explorer before it continues ... fuck fuck fuck

i may, or may not, be back ....... to be continued (23.27hrs)

ok i am back.

.net framework installed. now installed validation tool. now need 'priority updates' as follows - malicious software removal, ie7, cardspace ?? update and surprise surprise a fucking service pack for my new friend .net framework ... working for bill is a job for fucking life ... reboot required, what a fucking surprise.

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MAIR said...

OMG you have had some night.

Good luck with it hun, there is nothing worse than losing everything!