Monday, 19 November 2007

out of office. auto-reply

welcome back, gentle reader.

got sent one of those mildly amusing ( fox hunting ) photographs by one of my office colleagues. and after the footie disaster at the weekend, thought i'd pass it on to a couple of my friends from my old work.

one of said mates got me an "on leave" email auto-reply.

last time he did this he had taken a week off to work on the house ... ha ha ha ... he spent the week playing some new hot game on xbox ... and i thought this might be why he was off, so sent him a teXt ...

message 1 - leave ? jammy ba$tard ! what game you practicing ...

reply 1 - practicing sitting on a beach in the sun at the moment

message 2 - motherfucker ! where ?

reply 2 - Tenerife a sweltering 25 degrees here at the moment

message 3 - fuck off ! just fuck right off !!

reply 3 - *))

i think i might, just might, be a little jealous. oh, and i need a new lamp, how S.A.D.

1 comment:

MAIR said...

lmaoooo @ the text convo ;)